Happy Thanksgiving: In Everything, Give Thanks!

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you.” -I Thesselonians 5:18

It’s almost another year, and therefore, there is another reason to give thanks.

Give thanks for the failures.

Give thanks for the disappointments.

Give thanks for the delayed starts.

Give thanks for the seemingly broken dreams.

Give thanks for every stumbling block that’s left you deflated, defeated and depressed.

Yes, be thankful for it all.

It may sound a little patronizing to give thanks when everything is going wrong and there isn’t even a sliver of light in sight; but, it certainly beats the alternative of giving up, giving in and succumbing to every doubt that’s ever been spoken over your life.

Being thankful in less than stellar circumstances doesn’t mean you’re pleased with the cards you’ve been dealt; no, it means that you accept the bad things, because the good things will come. In time, good things will always come.

Things can always be worse; and no, this doesn’t negate your circumstances, but it can provide a sense of clarity.

As bad as our situations can sometimes be, there is always someone worse; always someone sadder; always someone more broken.

Yet, despite the encompassing shadows of defeat, there is always someone who pulled through; always someone who stayed encouraged; always someone who beat the odds and tipped the scale in their favor.

As cliché as it may sound, we’re not made to break.

From inception, we’re instilled with a sense of survival. Life is hard. No one promised it would be easy; but we can make it; and we can prosper; and we can overcome because we have an incredible ability to endure even in the worst of times.

So, make an effort to give thanks this season, even in the wake of trouble.

Give thanks because you have another year of life. Give thanks because you still have time to do great things. Give thanks because good times and abundant blessings are peeking around the corner. Give thanks because you made it this far and you haven’t fainted yet.

So on this season, in this moment, and in all things, give thanks.

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