Explore and get involved in Unity Temple Ministries!

Exciting things are happening at Unity Temple!

There is a place for you among people who care. We invite you, if God leads, to become part of Unity Temple and become involved in our various ministries.

Ministry is a great way to grow in your relationship with God and to show God’s love to others. God created each of us with specific talents and gifts to glorify His name and to impact others.

The goal of ministry is to meet the needs of those individuals that are lacking, struggling and wanting with love that is exemplified through our service to Christ and to our community. Everybody has a part in the body of Christ and God wants all members to be ministers. Every single member is vital and necessary to the proper functioning of Unity Temple.  Every member is a minister and every task is important.

There are currently more than 10 ministries serving the needs of our church family, visitors and our community. Our church has been changed through the sacrifice and love of the team of people working together for God’s glory. All members are encouraged to find their part in ministry.  We teach that God has uniquely created you with a necessary part in the Body the Christ.

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